Elle Casey’s Apocalypsis book 4: Haven book review

Apocalypsis: Book 4 (Haven)

My name’s Bryn Mathis. I’m seventeen years old, and I’m alive at a critical time in our world’s history, unlike all the adults and babies who didn’t survive the virus that almost wiped out the human race.
Alliances are building, enemies are gathering, and everything’s about to reach the boiling point. I’m in a race against time to get Haven ready for the final showdown, a confrontation that could very possibly destroy everything my friends and I have worked so hard to create.
People I trusted have betrayed me. People who I thought were my enemies are not. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing will ever be the same for me, now that I’ve embarked on this one last adventure that could be the undoing of everything that is me.
My review:
Another book by Elle Casey that I am giving 5 stars. This book will take you high and low. It’s a bit more serious than the other books in this series, but not too serious. The humor is in all the appropriate places, but the book has a bit of a darker feel due to all of the issues the characters are facing. Bryn’s character struggles with the pressure of holding their portion of the new world together, while also juggling normal teenage girl problems…aka boys. This book is full of action and doesn’t disappoint on the emotional side either. The ending is perfect, although I do wish that EC had continued the series…. All good things must come to an end though, and a glorious ending it was!
I’ll review the series as a whole in another post, I try not to give too many details since I’m convinced you are about to click the link at the top to buy the book. 🙂
Visit www.ElleCasey.com for her blog, information on her books, and much more!
Some foul language and violence. Recommended for all over age 15!

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